BEEF VS CHICKEN NEW STUFF all new #wagyu beef and
what the cluck (chicken) burger
All new Drinks & Burgers Curated premium burgers and specialty drinks
ALL SEASON CHILL Mojito Specialists power up summer
with these cold mixes only at tea break
OUT OF THE BOX The Avogato lets get work done with our special
avocado and coffee mix

A global taste of fine tea and jaw dropping burger fusion.


Ultimate dining experience like no other
Kicked off in 2014 as a unique concept cafe. Currently fully operational 13 branches across the United Arab Emirates including a Food Truck in Al Ain. Opening soon in Ajman, Sharjah, Khorfakkan and Ras Al Khaimah. We also have branches in Qatar and Bahrain.

Professional 250+ staff serving you the best and fresh food and services. We have a central manufacturing unit in every country of operation. We bake our own bread. Our vision is to have 20+ branches by end of 2020.






An original recipe concept - Tea Burger
You must not miss visiting us as we are based in major hotspots of the country. For more information on our cafe locations,

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