A Tea you will feel good owning

The restaurant industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the Middle East.

NOW! is the perfect time to join Tea Break; Middle East’s fastest growing franchise. ‘Tea’ industry is hotter than ever and Tea Break is leading the charge with our rapid growth. On a pace to 100 outlets by 2025, we are seeking passionate and energetic franchisees to join our family. Let’s have a pot of Tea together.

We’ve created a loving environment with unparalleled safety standards & unmatched operation protocols. Like most great stories, our story began with a dream. Today, we take pride in every item on our menu. Apart from items in our menu, we always believed that the ‘time’ one spends with their family and friends is precious and cherished. Tea Break provide customers an unforgettable experience with exceptional quality of services.

Perfection takes time. it took! and here we are.


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Franchise FAQs

Why Tea Break?

As one of the early pioneers in the restaurant industry, we have had more than 7 years to refine and perfect our model. As an emerging brand, Tea Break is experiencing impressive growth. The demand for our brand, flexibility of our model and the availability of prime territories is fueling our growth

What is the Investment?

The estimated initial Investment for a Tea Break outlet can range between $ 220,000 to $ 325,000, with an average investment at $258,000

What is the Franchise Fee?

Franchise fee for owning a Franchise outlet of Tea Break is $30,000

What is the royalty fee?

Tea Break franchise owners pay a monthly royalty fee equal to 10% of their revenue

How many employees do you need to run a unit?

You will need 14-18 employees to run a unit

Do I really have to be involved full-time?

Well.. No! Yes, you read that right. We welcome franchisees who do not have much experience to manage day-to-day operations & executing a local store marketing plan. For a ‘Management Fee’, leave it all to us

What all assistance can I expect during the initial phase of franchise?

From our first conversation our Franchise team will assist you with site selection, design, layout, inventory, equipment selections, construction, training, grand opening and more!

What about employee training?

Prior to commencing operations, comprehensive training is held at our corporate site and on-site at your location, designed to prepare you with the knowledge and skills required to start your business with confidence

I’m interested! What are the next steps?

Kindly fill up the form above or write to for more information. If you meet the criteria, we will get back to you shortly